AKAI 16 Bits Samplers History

A short history of Akai 16 bits professional samplers :

AKAI S1000 --* S1000 *-- The Akai corp. makes (still) the best samplers in the world. That's why the Akai s1000 became a world standard format for samples : The Akai s1000 was a revolution in sampling. For the Atari computer, Steinberg developed Avalon ; the first professional sampler editor. It was a normal procedure to send samples via midi. Well, it takes a long time but it's reliable and bugs free !

AKAI S1100 --* S1100 *-- The second Akai 16 bits sampler came after the s1000 on the market. It has the same akai standard. A not very improved model. A lot has changed since then and professional sampling gets cheaper. Nowadays modern samplers are more efficient and have a up to date digital standard.

AKAI S2000 --* S2000 *-- This sampler is an improved version. It has all the modern features what you can aspect of a modern sampler. Standard the sampler has a SCSI transfer and stereo in/out, DSP AD/DA converter, midi and small display (To small for my taste). With expansion boards you can modify your s 2000. 8 Channel analogue outputs, sp-dif in/out, extra +48 db filter, extra ROM & RAM memory and effect board. With those extras you will have a complete modern sampler but it will cost you (a lot of money). For internal RAM you can use old PC fast RAM and second hand it's very cheap. For more details see : MAIN PAGE

AKAI S3000XL --* S3000 XL/CD *-- S3000 Series sampler standard Akai samplers. This big brother of de s2000 has a lot of extras built in, like 8 analogue out & sp-dif in/out. The display is big, but sample editing looks like the s2000. There is also a CD version. It can stream audio cd's direct into samples without loss.
The S 3000 standard for Akai samplers created for home studio's is like a complete harddisc recorder.

AKAI S3200XL --* S3200 XL *-- The bigger brother of the s3000; more RAM, SMPTE, digital interface and this S3200 XL model has also the possibility to make harddisc recording (streaming direct to disc).

AKAI S5000 --* S5000 *-- Complete studio sampler/harddisk recorder with possibilities for SCSI harddisc's built inside. 64 voices polyphone,8 analogue outputs, sp-dif in/ out, 26 filter types, 2 external SCSI connectors, very big display, digital EQ and AES/EBU.

AKAI S6000 --* S6000 *-- The biggest Akai sampler made until now. Special about this model is the removable front. 128 voices, 16 analogue outputs, sp-dif in/out, effectboard and AES/EBU. The last sampler in the 16 Bit S Series, nowadays Akai samplers are 24 bit.