16 Bits Sampler Sequencers

History of Akai 16 bits Sampler / Seqencers :

AKAI MPC2000XL The MPC series from AKAI consists of a sampler- and a sequencer section. The sampler section is based on the Akai sampling standard, for example the MPC 2000 is based on the S2000, the MPC 3000 on the S3000 and the latest 16 bits MPC is based on the newer series, with the same sampling quality. The sequencer is split into internal sample triggering and external midi sequencing. Real-time editing, a stable interface and the professional sound quality, make the MPC series very suitable for live performances. But these benefits will also be there in your studio, when connected with a computer midi interface program! The big keypads can be a good alternative for a standard keyboard, especial when you don't play keyboard very well. Connected to a (computer)sequencer you can work out the sequences recorded with the MPC better. When the song is ready, you can store it in the MPC, in .MID file (standard midifile), for performances purposes. This way you don't have to carry heavy computer equipment with you, which are also very sensitive for electrostatic fields. The sequencer - sampler interaction is maximum and without delay. Perhaps the best part is it's real-time editing: you can change and edit your presets without changing the beat sync. If you go live, this is the machine !

AKAI MPC2000XL --* MPC 2000 / XL *-- Like the s2000 (19 inch rack), the MPC 2000 has a built in sequencer, but in this case editable. Very suitable for live performances, based on the s3000 possibilities. The built in sequencer has the same possibilities as a professional sequencer. It has 2 midi outputs, SMPTE and the same expansion boards as the s2000.

AKAI CD3000XL --* MPC3000 / XL *-- S3000 standard Akai samplers. This big brother of de mpc2000 has a lot of extras built in, like 8 analogue out & sp-dif in/out. Sample editing looks like the s2000.