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MNX2010 Akai S2000 Reviews

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Compartible PC SCSI Cards
  • Adaptec 1502 (AKA Iomega Zip Zoom card) ISA/DB25 (w/o BIOS)
  • Adaptec 1505 ISA/DB25 (w/o onboard BIOS)
  • Adaptec 1510 ISA/Centronics 50 (w/o onboard BIOS)
  • Adaptec 1515/40 ISA/Centronics 50 (with onboard BIOS & PnP)
  • Adaptec 2904/06 (PC/MAC) PCI/MiniDB50pin (AKA MiniSCSI)
  • Adaptec 2920 PCI/Miniscsi 50 (with onboard BIOS)
  • Adaptec 2940A PCI/Miniscsi 50 (with onboard BIOS)
  • Adaptec 2940UW PCI/Minscsi 68 (with onboard BIOS)
  • Symbios Logic (Formerly NEC) C810 PCI/Miniscsi 50 (w/o onboard BIOS)
  • Symbios Logic C815 PCI/MS50 (Same as C810 but with BIOS eprom chip)
  • Symbios Logic C860 PCI/Miniscsi 50 (with onboard BIOS)
  • Advansys 930 (AKA 2930) PCI/Miniscsi 50 (with onboard BIOS)

AKAI S2000

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