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There is at this very moment not enough information when and where we will give classical courses, but if you contact us we will give you reply what we can organise.
We also give lessons in the more private atmosphere for a minimum of two persons. Prices depends on income and travelling distance. This is not for MIDI beginners, because we give lessons on your own system. Therefore you need at least a Pentium II 500 Mhz, a good soundcard with full duplex and extern midi keyboard, modules & samplers.
We give the following courses : MIDI beginners - MIDI for profs SAMPLING beginners - SAMPLING for profs I & II
We work with the following programs :
- Cubase VST SX for PC - Wavelab 4 - Rebirth 2.01 - Reason 2.0 - Recycle 2.0 - Wavclean (old version) - Midi sound editors for PC & Atari - Soft synth's like Orange / Stomper / Retro etc. - VST plugs & VST Instruments.
These are your teachers :
- MNX 2010 : Works for 14 years with midi. Started with Amiga making house with a 8 track sequencer. Followed many courses at the CEM (centre electronic music) like 4 years working with Atari & Trans v5, a special developed midi generator, based on mathematics. Also analogue studio engineering and composition. Started giving Cubase lessons in 1993. Is still making house and jungle music with Cubase and performs with two bands. Last year he was not so active in making music because he was studying his sampler and wanted to find out all of it. Is a sampling specialist, and can learn you to make perfect loops and sounds. Let's make this world a better place. For more info about DJ work or party's / performances: link >>> DJ MAN-X

- Doc.Beni : Keyboard/piano player (piano/synth's) & composer. Started with organ lessons, then piano (classical & Jazz). Followed courses AMV & Jazz-workshops at the school of music. Played in many bands (Jazz/rock/pop/funk/blues/fusion). Last performance with MNX 2010. Works with MIDI for 12 years. Started with a 48 track sequencer on the Atari 1040, later on with cubase and score perfect professional, a classic notation program. Teaches piano/keyboard/cubase for 10 years. Improvises very well and makes divergent compositions.

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